Locality of Campodolio – Varana Sassi

Varana, now called Varana Sassi, owes its name to the Roman Varus, owner of the place, while Campodolio has an origin more recent and took its name from a grass, the “chaff” that is grown as forage. The two towns, located a few hundred meters apart, are 10 Km from the capital and 15 from Sassuolo. There are two ancient churches: Varana Sassi, the fourteenth century, dedicated to Saints Peter and Paul and to Campodolio, built between 1861 and 1880, dedicated to Our Lady of Grace. The most ancient of the fraction is Varana Sassi. The Sassi, like Pompeano are Ofioliti Serpentine volcanic underwater. The biggest rock once stood a fortress with an impressive tower, now used by climbers. To get on the Sasso in a less dangerous than climbing along a path carved into the rock leading to a green plateau with a beautiful view .. In the village of Varana Sassi, by the Group Naturalistic “The Ophiolite of Varana”, is recently created a botanical garden where you can see the most important herbs and medicinal and poisonous plants of this part of the Modena Apennines.