Locality of San Dalmazio

The first evidence of San Dalmazio, that was always part of the Podesteria of Monfestino, dates back to the will 1010 and then to the first news of his church dated 1065. The church, dedicated to St. Dalmazio Bishop and Martyr, has undergone major changes and renovations until the 80s of last century. The bell tower, built in 1718, located a short distance from the building and has a high octagonal spire. The presence of a castle would be confirmed by a document dated 1386, but today there remain of this ancient fortification are only a few traces. Along the Strabello that leads to the ancient village of the castle is placed a small temple dedicated to the Virgin Mary and built in 1683 by Captain Lodovico Gentilini. In the village center, then, the tower house Gentilini has carved on a stone, a testament to his age, date 1474. Under the vault of the house passed the Via Vandelli (1739-1741) which connected Modena in Massa Carrara. In the square a small monument commemorates the fallen of all wars and emigrants S. Dalmazio died in 1913 in the mine of Dawson in Illinois (USA).