Locality of Serramazzoni

The city of Serramazzoni is located in the province of Modena, 40 km from the main city, covers an area of about 93 kmq and has a population of 8215 inhabitants called “Serramazzonesi” (mt. 791). For years, has set up tourist and sports equipment that allowed it to be characterized as a major tourist center. There are many opportunities for accommodation in an hotel, many agriturism and b&b, scattered in the most evocative places of the area. Also choose to eat traditional dishes in the characteristic restaurants, taverns or in agriturism. In Serramazzoni there are numerous sports facilities which the most important are: tennis courts, swimming pool, multipurpose gym, federal center tennis, adventure park, volleyball, beach volleyball, soccer fields and mini pick. The area offers trekking, horseback riding, mountain biking and lots of ideas: by the scenic waterfalls rio Bucamante, outcrops of volcanic rocks of the “Sassi” of Varana and Pompeano and salsa of the Cintora. They are significant architectural interest: the Romanesque church of Rocca S. Maria, the fourteenth-century tower of the Bastiglia in Ligorzano, medieval castles in Monfestino and Pompeano, the restored village of Varana Sassi and village of Valle.

The history

The name derives from the composition of Serramazzoni etymological meaning the geographical term SERRA ( mountainous barrier) and the name MAZZONI of a local family that, like many others, took the name from a working tool.

The village was born as an important mountain center after the construction of the via Vandelli (1749) and the via Giardini (1776) that linked Modena to Tuscany.

Along the via Giardini were established post offices, taverns, fountains, shacks and refreshment for travelers and merchants and so Serramazzoni became an important mountain spot and got the chance to have new trade opportunities and economic and social development. Before 1776 the country was living in the shadow of Monfestino and only in 1860 was transferred to the City Serramazzoni with the official name of “City of Monfestino in Serramazzoni”, then in 1948 became the “Town of Serramazzoni”.