Locality of Pazzano

Pazzano is six kilometers from the capital and three from New Estense; in recent years the proximity of New Estense has given to this quiet resort significantly expand housing. The old church stood in Pazzano di Sotto where there is now the parish oratory dedicated to St. Rocco. The present church, dedicated to Saints John and Paul, was built in 1727 and designed by Antonio Clubs. Before restoration, carried out in 1979-80, you could still see, on the floor in front of the altar, a tomb of a warrior with the inscription “Marcus Bazzanus et sibi natis el pasque born offspring hoc sepulcrum construxit A. MDLXXX”. This tomb, probably coming from another ancient holy place, was the tomb of the important family Bazzani. Pazzano, at the center of Val lukewarm, with its picturesque white houses immersed in the colors of nature, inspired by the famous poet and writer Guido Cavani in the years 1940-60 the novel Zebio Cotal.