Locality of Faeto

Faeto is located four kilometers from the capital, at the end of a road that climbs up to 869 meters sl sea. This town, surrounded by ancient oaks and chestnut groves, offers visitors a unique panorama. According to popular tradition, some families of Ferrara in the XV century went up Mount “Faget” making it their home and extract its their economic livelihood from chestnuts and from the sale of coal produced from burning of vast forests. In 1540 the inhabitants they built at their expense an oratory: the building was then rebuilt in 1609 and provided by the inhabitants of a benefit for the maintenance of a priest. In 1786 the inhabitants shared a piece of land owned by the oratory with a house, in order to give their pastor a worthy dwelling. The church was erected in the parish in 1815 and in 1827, demolished the oratory now unsafe, he began work on the construction of a new church, later declared a parish dedicated to SS. Philip and James. From Faeto, traveling for about a kilometer a magnificent driveway of oaks, you come to the forest “Paradise”, where they grow plants chestnut, oak, hornbeam, beech, pine, birch and yew and spring violets, violets and gentians.