Locality of Granarolo

Along the road that leads to the New Pazzano Estense, about seven kilometers from the capital, you can admire the tower house of Valledana and later Cà Poggiolo, this building closed courtyard dating back to centuries. XVII presenting paintings and portals of fine workmanship. Going up for about a mile along a road you get to Granarolo whose church, dating back to the sixteenth century, is dedicated to St. Urban Pope; from here, leaving the car, you can set out into one of the finest natural environments of the Apennines known as “The falls of Bucamante”. The site is particularly beautiful, ideal for walks and cycle excursions to everyone. In the most sunken and dense vegetation, are “waterfalls” or some waterfalls medium. “The falls of Bucamante” are the place where legend has it would end with a tragic end the love between a shepherd and the daughter of a dignitary in charge of the government of the Podesteria of Monfestino.