Locality of Riccò

Riccò is located on the road-Serramazzoni Puianello ten kilometers from the capital. The village, mentioned for the first time under the name of “Ricovium”, was originally placed between Granarolo and Monte Armor with the name of Riccò Vecchio, of which today only a few houses to witness the ancient village. Then took the upper hand Farneta of Riccò, the current town, perhaps for reasons of viability, or because in that place existed in ancient times the castle of Balugola. The old church was in the village of Old Riccò. In 1775 the parish seat was transferred to the church of Farneta, built in 1859 by expanding an existing oratory dedicated to St. Lawrence. The Bell Tower was initially a rectangular plan and crudely plastered. It was raised in 1927 and 1928 were consecrated the four bells, finally in 1993 the tower was restored and led to the current splendor.