Locality of Valle

Immersed in a green valley, six kilometers from the capital and three from New Estense, is Valle. The village has important buildings dating back to the sixteenth century: the church, dedicated to St. Michael the Archangel, fall into disrepair in the early nineteenth century, was rebuilt in 1868 on the project of Ing. Vandelli. Valle was an ancient fortified, once the site of the castle of Balugola. Here the family Balugola owned a building which still exists although partially modified. The towers had to be two: one of these was located in front of the building that collapsed in 1950, while the other one located not far from the building and which remains today only a part, has been transformed into the barn. This fraction is to be remembered also for the production of silkworms reared until 1936. From Valle mature cocoons were brought in Sassuolo and then be shipped to mills in Lombardy.