Locality of Monfestino

Four kilometers from the capital, along a scenic route, you get to Monfestino.
Elevated to Podesteria in 1375, with all its territory Monfestino said the “Balugola”, since 1409 and until the arrival of the armies of Napoleon in 1796 depended, under the lordships of Opposites and Boncompagni, the fief of Vignola. In 1797 the Podesteria ceased and its territory was divided and added to more historical realities. Since 1860 some of the locations of the Podesteria were united to form the City of Monfestino in Serramazzoni (the current City of Serramazzoni).

La Rocca purchased in 1901 and restored in its original architecture from the comm. Fermo Horns presents beautifully preserved thanks to the heirs: you can admire the round towers and massive walls, and you have the opportunity to gaze out from the highest peaks of the white glaciers of the Alps. In the dark of night then, as from a balcony, you can see the plain below illuminated by a myriad of lights.

Monfestino retains some old houses; inside of one of these, there is a portal of valuable, by Mastro Antonio Ambrosino of famous artist of the century. XVI. In the church, which dates back to 1304, has posted a picture of Sec. XVII, depicting St. Giovita who has the background, the village and the castle of Monfestino.